Main Event - Boating on Lake Allatoona

7:00 AM Frisbee Golf

7:45 AM Gourmet Brunch

8:45 AM leave for Boating on Lake Allatoona and Tubing
-Lunch on the Lake (Chips and Sandwiches)

8:00 PM Evening Dinner

Breakfast Menu

• Potato-Sausage Breakfast Casserole, Egg Breakfast Casserole

• Side 1: Oatmeal (with condiments, Sugar butter, Trial mix)

• Side 2: Grits (with cheese on the side)

• Side 3: Assorted Fruit Cups 

Dinner Menu

• Italian-Herb Chicken Breast

• Rice pilaf Side

• Mixed Spring Vegetables

• Salad: American Salad